Ebbelwoi Unser / Apfelweinwirtschaft

Welcome to Ebbelwoi Unser!

The intention of Ebbelwoi Unser was to create a second living room, which is characterized by the personal contact to our guests and the guests among each other. Often you have to sit closer together, which makes it easier to get in touch with the people sitting next to you. Cosiness, light-heartedness and the joy to be among people. It's just meet and mingle - entertainment and fun for young and old.

Good drinks and good food are also very important for us, so we cook with heart and love! Like in grandmother's times, for example, our mashed potatoes, as well as the fried potatoes are made of fresh potatoes.

Our dishes are always freshly prepared. Quality, freshness and regionality is of central importance to us and we would like to serve you only the best. We don't use flavor enhancers or convenience products in our kitchen!

We're looking forward to a great and cheerful evening with you!

Ebbelwoi Unser Team